About US

The Global Ocean Surface Ecosystem Alliance (GO-SEA) invites all ocean lovers to join our mission and go to sea for science! We are a NASA-funded community of sea goers and professional scientists, and our goal is to discover living islands of floating life. But we need your help! GO-SEA can only work if people like you visit the sea in search of marine life and debris. Joining GO-SEA is simple, go to the sea, whether it’s the beach, a boat, or a SCUBA dive, and tell us what you see!
Check out our Field Guide to learn more about mysterious ocean surface animals we’re searching for. Many of these animals wash up on shore—perfect for a day to the beach! And if you’re a boater, fisher, or diver, click on our Slicks tab to learn how you can work with satellite scientists to help us find living islands from space!
This project is in BETA, so your input is more important than ever! This summer we’ll be hosting virtual community brainstorming sessions where we share all we know, from sea surface life to satellites imagery, and hear from you on how to build an amazing community of sea-going ocean lovers!
To join, sign up for our mailing list below and check us out on Twitter, and Instagram at @GoSeaScience!


Photo credit: Scott Horton